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The PAS Solar home system has been designed to provide electricity to businesses and households that use generators, torch batteries, candles, or kerosene to light their homes. The PAS SOLAR system also provides the the convenience of charging mobile phones at home.
Please talk to one of our dedicated sales agents or call our customer call center on 09062546991. The Solar System is currently available to customers in Delta, Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, Katsina and Zamfara states. Once the necessary one-month payment has been made a fully trained PAS SOLAR technician will arrange with you to install the Solar unit at your desired location.
The PAS Solar Home System is being made available at a discounted price of N3,500 per month and comes with 4x/6x 1W LED bulbs and a multi-phone charger. PAS SOLAR can also offer rechargeable torches, FM radios, and clippers, please talk to a sales agent or speak to our customer call center for more details.
The following options are available to customers to pay for the system
- PAS Solar retail outlets
- PAS Solar mobile money agents
- Mobile bank transfer
- Cash transfer to PAS Solar bank Account
Energy-as-a-Service provides peace of mind, as customers are able to enjoy the electricity that is generated once the fee is paid. In addition, if the battery needs replacing or the unit malfunctions we will fix this at no additional cost*. PAS Solar accessories such as rechargeable torch, FM radio, clippers and 24” TV are available to purchase either in full or via a Lease-to-Own system further information is available from our sales agents or customer call center.
The system has been designed for powering PAS SOLAR low wattage devices ON. These have been specifically designed for this system. Plugging any other electrical device into the system will drain the battery quickly and could damage the system making it inoperable. Each system is remotely monitored and irregular activity can be identified. By plugging non-PAS SOLAR electrical devices into the system means that you could be contravening your contract.
Each customer pays a monthly fee for using the system. Our customer care center will remind you when the next payment is due and you will also get an SMS. Paying the fee will ensure that unit will continue to provide electricity, Failing to pay could result in the repossessing of your unit.

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